2015. március 11., szerda


As we all know, sunny weather in England it's almost like a miracle, but it could happen sometimes. This video helps me to remember of those beautiful, sunny days what I spent on the sea shore by myself in the company of a nice ice-cream or a coffee, while I enjoyed my free time. Those days were not just only relaxing, but also inspiring. Woodkid's music inspired me even more, that's the reason why I picked his music for this video. 

2014. október 24., péntek

Posters for my new screenplay/ Poszterek a legújabb forgatókönyvemhez

And… I'm still working on my brand new screenplay (Till Somebody Loves You), but couldn't wait till I finish with it, so I've made these two posters. :) 

2014. október 20., hétfő

Ruby Darkness posters/Ruby Darkness poszterek

Three poster variation for the Ruby Darkness. 

Never Forget Posters/Never Forget plakátok

The second: the three versions of the Never Forget.

The Bunny Posters

What could make my screenplays even more impressive? That thought kept bugging me. I felt, I have to give a face for my fictions. So I made a few version of posters. I tried to catch the essence and pick the most basic items of my stories. I hope they would also show the genre of the screenplays. So, here is the first one. The Bunny. 

2014. október 9., csütörtök

More screenplays /Még több forgatókönyv

The Bunny was my first thriller story. I was resting after lunch on the couch, searching after some urban legends. The Bunny man legend just popped on the screen. It shook me up! I started looking for different sources of urban legends about the Bunny costume killer. Finally, I mixed up all the stories I found about him, together and that's how The Bunny was born. I was really - still - proud of it, so I nominated the screenplay to a competition, where I got till the final rounds. It felt wonderful!

The second screenplay, sorry the third one in the queue is the Ruby Darkness. It's unnecessary to deny it, I like vampire stories. Not those gooey Stephanie Meyer ones,  those really cool, old school ones. Those creepy, gothic and scary Dracula movies what scares you out of your pants. I remember the first time I watched Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula, the blood froze in my veins. 
A few years back in time about 2011, I went for an event. It was an open public discussion with the Dracula's screenplay writer, James V. Hart. He was hilarious and funny. Told loads of amazing "backstage" curiosities: about his long way journey to Coppola's office, how was the shooting with Keanu Reeves and Gary Oldman and all about those fun what they've been through during and after the shooting. And yes, that was the moment when I decided to write. Screenplay is the best way of storytelling. 
I always have a very colourful imagination, feel the passion for creation but I never found myself confident enough to become a director. But I also knew I have to express those powerful images somehow. 
But, back to the Ruby Darkness. I had this idea, vampires, okay. And what? So I started to think what would be an ideal story what I could create around this word. I got it! A female killed by her ex-boyfriend. Gets another chance for a living. Powerful and restless. Her goals quite simple: revenge and protection. I was searching for ancient vampire names, I wanted to find the most ideal ones for my leading characters. That's how I found: Eve (Eva, the meaning of life), Alessandro (the protector of mankind) and the evil Tania (Thana, which means only one thing: death). Love, Revenge, Chance for a different sort of life!

My very first screenplay/A legelső forgatókönyvem

My very first screenplay. I started to write it in 2012, while I lived in London. My first conception was a drama. I knew the characters, the whole story was already in my head. The first few month was really inspiring, but after, I put it away.

But now, I felt I am ready for it! So I run through the whole story again, gave my characters a deeper personality and finished it, only the beginning of this week. But I'm sure, I will always find something in the story what I have missed.